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  1. Mr. Downard,
    Many years ago I was motivated, in part, to object to Bible-reading in public schools because I could not believe in Noah’s flood and other creation myths. (The case is Abington v. Schempp and Murray v. Curlett, 1963.) Many thousands of good people have carried on since then to keep good science in schools and keep religionist believers from taking over. I applaud you.

    Ellery Schempp


  2. Hi
    I noted on twitter that you struggle to get enough feedback on the site. I am a strong supporter of what you do but I would say that the format of the site is not terribly mobile friendly. I and others in my circle (not a scientific sample I agree) tend to access creationist nonsense and also your excellent rebuttals via mobile devices. The full blog format with detailed pdfs is comprehensive but difficult to use on a mobile device. Also, though the topics are well covered and in depth, it’s not immediately clear from the landing page which article provides rebuttals to specific creationist claims.
    So to improve user interaction and to ensure good dissemination of your efforts, it would be good to have hyperlinks from the landing page to specific sections within the big articles (I don’t even know if this is technically feasible and I realise that’s a load of work). In addition, from the user friendliness point of view, short summaries of the key arguments could be placed at the landing page or perhaps just one click away.
    Thanks for your efforts so far

    David Whitcombe


    • I could not agree more. So far I’ve been limited to this bare-bones website (its all volunteer work, using off shelf free software). One of my contacts is working on a hyperlinked framework for what’s been done so far, and that is about 80% along (then will come the task of implementing, and integrating that with furture updated content). I plead retrograde also in not using a mobile device, so I didn’t realize the pitfalls of pdf accessing. However, if Word doc files are more accessible, I’m happy to forward the doc file versions of the modules or Old TIP files to all, just email me at RJDownard@aol.com.

      There’s a ton of info buried down in all that I’ve done so far, and this is very much a work in progress, but I do want that info to be drawn on and used, otherwise it won’t mean diddly.


  3. Just in case the Reply button wasn’t working (it hdn’t posted yet) I’ll reprise my response to David here: I’m not a mobile user so the pdf snag didn’t occur to me. I’ll send .doc file versions of any #TIP content if that works easier, just email me at RJDownard@aol.com. All the site so far is low budget (as in no budget volunteer hostings and efforts) and one of my contacts is working on a hyperlinked format (80% done so far, though again implementing that on the site and keeping abreast of updates is in cross fingers category so far). If I had the scratch to hire professional web teams (which I way don’t) I’d have loved to have everything click friendly. Hope for future maybe, if only I can keep at the work without sinking like the Titanic beforehand.


  4. I don’t see my response posting yet, not sure on delay. I didn’t realize the pdf problem for smart phones. A contact is working on an html hyperlinked version, but know how that wil work out.


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  6. Hey – I like your map of time but have a suggestion.

    Post it on Redbubble – I bought a great poster for the evolution of the horse there and would like a poster quality version of your Map of Time.

    Keep up the good fight.


    • You can download that pdf, and I imagine a local printer can do it poster size, so feel free to do so. I’m not good at that graphics thing, I even had help creating the Map of Time (though the data is all mine), maybe I’ll have to talk with him about doing a for-sale poster version.


  7. Good day,

    first up i am not a native english writer and my german spellchecker is not helpfull.
    I have to admit i don’t care about your TIP project, but it seems like a good idear and a lot of work.

    But i have trouble to fall a sleep, and after just 10 -15 min of RJ Evolution Hour i fall a sleep, and for that i thank you, so please please make never ever loud in the middle of RJ Evolution Hour that might wake me up.
    It took me some time to find out, that you have some trouble, because i normally only “hear” maybe the first 30mins of your show. But you are cheaper then drugs and i hope less addictive, and now i will fall a sleep over “Abiogenesis: New clues on the Origin of Life”, and i hope my support helps you.

    Maybe i learn something from it.

    Greetings from Germany


  8. Hello James,

    I work for a production development team and I would love to present an amazing opportunity to you!!

    Please reach back when you can,
    Claire Dew


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