2. Old TIP

Introduction to the 2004 “Troubles in Paradise: The Methodology of Creationism”
What antievolutionism is all about and why dealing with it is so important.

2004 “Troubles in Paradise” 1: Rules of the Game Not rocket science, just how not to think badly

2004 “Troubles in Paradise” 2. ‘Dem Bones
So you think there’s no macroevolution? Fossils say Oh, Yes!

2004 “Troubles in Paradise” 3. Dinomania
Young Earth Creationism “Flood Geology” as dino snack

2004 “Troubles in Paradise” 4. Creationism Lite
Intelligent Design: All the Ideology With Even Less Fact

2004 “Troubles in Paradise” 5. Planet of the Apes
Like it or not, we evolved too

2004 “Troubles in Paradise” 6. ‘Cuz the Bible Tells Me So
Same methods problems when antievolutionists invade history

2004 “Troubles in Paradise” references
Over 5500 sources, including several thousand science papers

4 thoughts on “2. Old TIP

  1. Sorry for response lag, but forgot that there was a working feedback section on site, been busy trying to rassle support for #TIP on Twitter. I hope to draw on all the broad range of information that has been developed, except all gathered into one unified package. All the information in the Old Tip will be reformatted for the new chapter modules, plus all the new data that has come along since 2004. The whole issue of taxonomy is a mess for antievolutionists, and Casey Luskin is marching down same garden path as Wells.


  2. This is the hardest set of posts to work through, because they are all in the old scholarly footnoting style I was weened on in my background of history (where documentary footnotes include often extended digressions on side issues, things that today would go into sidebars). That caveat aside, the easiest way to plow through the Old TIP files is to make a copy of each so that one pdf can be opened to the main text, and the other to the notes, so the reader can flip back and forth between the two as needed without losing place in either.


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