3. Other Stuff

The Reptile-Mammal Transition: not only a slam-dunk for Macroevolution but Antievolutionists pay no attention to it

2003 “3 Macroevolutionary Episodes” illustrated TIP summary
Brick to throw at those claiming no evidence for macroevolution

Paper on “A Tale of Two Citations”

Taking “Teaching the Controversy” seriously, or:
Discovery Institute no better at sweeping fossils under the rug than their predecessors

Portable Map of Time (No Assembly Required)
The Universe & History of Life on Earth to scale on one page

2009 “Tortucan” concept lecture (Kennewick WA Free Thought Society)

How do people believe batshit stupid things? Take a few minutes to meet the Tortucans

NOMA Revisited: The Limits of Evidence

2013 lecture on Intelligent Design for Peter Boghossian’s class (Portland State University)

The pressing need for a global secular Bill of Rights
The grim population figures say it all

8 Jan 2017 lecture to the Seattle Atheist Church

The Ann Coulter series:




22 April 2014 Seattle Federalist Society debate (45 min VIDEO) with Patrick Garry on then pending Greece v. Galloway SCOTUS city council prayer case

3 thoughts on “3. Other Stuff

  1. What map of “time” “. You would be more “correct” if you said “the best accepted” map of time. I have designed and built a standard mass flow qualified to National Bureau Standards. All five measurement had to be certified to +/- .0001 %. which meant that all my measurements had to be accurate within .00001%

    Let’s use gravity as an example. Man doe not know what, where, how or why it is. We only know the effects on what we call mass.

    Can you tell me the “standard” that was used to verify the so called “red shift”. Why should it be accepted as some how “proving” how long the universe has existed?

    Remember it wasn’t that long ago “man” knew “ether” had to exist for light to travel from the sun to the earth.


    • If you want to re-fight the last century of science, fine and dandy, by all means take that up with astrophysicists. I don’t find any of your work among the technical literature I am aware of. Do let me know of your published efforts in that regard. The red shift is an observation, the recession of galaxies from one another is the entirely reasonable explanation to account for those consistent observations. Since you brought the age of the universe into things, do say how old you think things are, and by what means you came to that view.


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