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And for those who would like some entertaining science fiction along with their science fact, Follow the Fogg and escape to Jules Verne’s 1872 (but with many a mysterious steampunk twist) …

My Interview with Nick Matzke interview at “Pandas Thumb” on the TIP project, on its importance and the need to support it.

Jeff Lowder (at The Secular Outpost at Patheos.com) on #TIP

View Jim Downard’s appearance on #29 REASON podcast

Angel Rios “The Mortal Angel” podcast #5

Welcome to TIP, a new open access resource for defenders of sound science who get really unsettled by the claims of antievolutionists (be they Young Earth Creationists or the newer brand of Intelligent Design) but may not have all the best science information ready to drop on their claims.

The TIP files (all in pdf format) cover all aspects of antievolutionism (from paleontology and biology to the social and political ramifications of antievolutionism as they play out in schoolrooms and school boards or in state legislatures, Congress, or even candidates for President.

The Old TIP files form the base of the project, drawing on over 5500 sources, and step by step I am updating that material with a much larger set of newer data (over 36,000 sources and counting, including over 14,000 technical science sources aimed at claims popping up in over 6000 antievolutionist works) to keep TIP constantly current.  The new modules also have an index to help locating all specific topics and people covered.

There are more pdfs & offsite web links in Other Stuff, including the 3ME illustrated guide to the  Cambrian Explosion, and the origin of birds and mammals, the perfect heavy brick to lob at antievolutionists who make the mistake of claiming “there’s no evidence for macroevolution.”  3ME not only shows how wrong that is, it also pulls back the curtain to see just how antievolutionists manage to evade all that evidence (not a pretty picture, but has to be done).

Check out all the material here on TIP, all open access to download and share freely with anyone you think needs evens stronger evidence to counter the claims of antievolutionists.

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  1. Just finished Evolution Slam Dunk, which I enjoyed. I was worried only by the typos missed by your proofreaders. More illustrations might have helped but I can look for them myself. Thanks for the hard work you have put in to provide us with this information.


  2. Hey RJ! Just wanted to leave you a message and let you know that I appreciate everything that you’re doing. I’m a blue collar construction worker From The Heart of Texas, and I’m also a militant atheist. In my neck of the woods My Views are in the extreme minority. I use the same method that you do when I discuss debate argue religion creationism evolution with other people in my area. I’m going to start donating so that you can keep up the good work.

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  3. I’ve been settling deeper into retirement and doing a lot of reading for fun (and some to keep up with my paleontological interests), so I’ve been remiss about visiting here for some months. I hope to check in more often from now on.

    I see that since Schweitzer et al.’s studies on evidence for degraded hemoglobin fragments and possible red blood cell structures in “T. rex” bone, there have been a number of other “old” organic remains discovered. Just this month, some evidence of steroidal evidence was published (or at least reported) showed that the enigmatic Ediacaran fossil “Dickinsonia” was almost certainly an animal. Still enigmatic but a bit less so.

    Yet another discovery that pushes back the veil of time that creationists never even think of doing because they love being awed by mysterious supernatural occurrence so very much — or something. (livedscience.com, theatlantic.com, and the national geogrphic site all have articles — for some glitchy reason I can’t pick the urls up)

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    • Errors in my previous comment: “evidence of steroidal evidence” should have been “evidence of steroidal material” and “occurrence” later on should have been “occurrences.”

      The article in the Atlantic noted that although “steroids” are often thought of as the performance-enchancing drugs used by some athletes, they are actually “a much broader class of chemicals found in the cells of all complex creatures, including animals, protists, and fungi. These steroids come in different varieties, and each is diagnostic of a different group of organisms.” It was a Ph.D. student in geochemistry at the Australian National Museum, Ilya Bobrovskie, who thought of making the study. Both the surrounding sediments and “Dickinsonia” fossils were analyzed. The sediments showed the stigmasteroids associated with green algae, but the fossils showed cholesteroids, the steroids associated with animals. So, “Dickinsonia” is perhaps the oldest known animal. (I have not read the technical paper itself but I hope too do soon.)

      I do know how biological names are supposed to be written but I have not found a way to use either italics or underlining. I have improvised by using quotation marks to set them off.


  4. It is interesting how Tomi grasps at straws in that “nothing is ever good enough for him” mode. Bringing up epigenetics, for example, when that is just as natural a process as the DNA regulation it affects. Tomi should tell us, though, how much of his research is gleaned secondarily from others, and how much is his own direct reading. And how old does he think the earth is?

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  5. Sorry, I’m very late with this comment but, if anyone is still interested, U Toronto biochemist (now retired) Larry Moran’s “Sandwalk” blog has an abundance of material on junk DNA and he and other posters there have countered the attempts of antievolution creationists and other deniers to cast doubt on it.


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